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Team Photo
Team Photo

The Philadelphia Blues Hockey Club organizes invite only, competitive pick-up style hockey year round at the PowerPlay Rink in Exton, PA. The Philadelphia Blues was started by some men's league players growing older tired of the late games and aggressive style. These players still wanted to play a competitive game, but without all the extra junk that comes from men's leagues, thus they started their own weekly game.


The 11/6 game was another close one.  The white team got up by 5 or so goals and then sat back and watched as in the last 30 minutes the dark team nearly caught them.  In the end the white team won by a goal or two while refusing to score on the evacuated dark net.  We’re not sure if the dark team didn’t want to pull a Hibshman or Carl finally just said f*ck this sh*t after a Carstens landed on him.

The game had it all – great goals, great saves, great shots, collisions, cursing, twirling, brother vs. brother action, and stories of pregnant stripper group porn in locker room #1.  This author was not in locker room #2 but surely the conversation there got around to gay dads and general homphobia.

Gerg was awarded the coveted MVT award this week for his hat trick for the white team, not his first BTW.  Someone better start keeping an eye on that guy!  Yes, you so have to look down to do so:)