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Reading Charity Game 2015 - Teams Photo
Reading Charity Game 2015 - Teams Photo

The Philadelphia Blues Hockey Club organizes invite only, competitive pick-up style hockey year round at the PowerPlay Rink in Exton, PA. The Philadelphia Blues was started by some men's league players growing older tired of the late games and aggressive style. These players still wanted to play a competitive game, but without all the extra junk that comes from men's leagues, thus they started their own weekly game.


Philadelphia Blues Weekly Game Recap – Thursday March 9th, 2023

It looks like the team picker got his out head out of his arse and managed to pick some even teams as the game was tied or within a goal for most of the night.  With the defense helping out with the scoring the white team pulled out a close victory at the end.  In fact both team’s defenses did some scoring.  Sullivan made some saves for the dark team that you would think someone his age shouldn’t have been able to and he kept up with his much younger counter part Marc in net, but just came up short for the win.

Lord Martosell’a Spoon was awarded to Josh Saitta this week.  Josh won the award for being so enthusiastic about his nice assist pass from behind the net to Mitch for a goal that he rolled himself over a couple of times on the ice trying to get in on the crowd congratulating Mitch.  The fact that we only saw him on his side of the red line once all night also helped his cause.

There were several Be more like Joe moments in the game this week.  Let’s do what we can to clean it up.