Philadelphia Blues Hockey Club Bylaws

revision 1.0


Section I - Organization
    Part A - Organizers
    Part B - Yearly
       Part B, Clause 1 - Player Status
    Part C - Weekly
       Part C, Clause 1 - Player Status
       Part C, Clause 2 - Picking Teams
    Part D - Self Risk

Section II - Rules of Play
    Part A - Actual Rules
    Part B - Code of Conduct
    Part C - Exceptions for Players Under 25

Section III - Post Game Beverage Policy
    Part A - Consumption and Stock
    Part B - Beer Fines

Section IV - Personal Conduct
Section V - Miscellaneous
    Part A - Cook Outs
    Part B - Charity Games
    Part C - Payments


The club started out as a men's league team playing out of Aston, PA. That team moved to powerPlay Rinks in Exton, PA and played a season or two there. Growing older and more tiring of the men's league shenanigans they decided to move to a weekly invitation only pick-up style game. This provided consistent times and friendly but competitive play. It's been going for well over a decade. The weekly game participation grows and shrinks over the years, with the current mix being several of the originals, a collection of current men's league players from the PowerPlay rinks, a few guys from "The Barn", and some other guys that enjoy playing. The game is competitive, they players are good guys, it is a fun skate, and beers are consumed.

The purpose of this document is two fold:

  1. It's mostly paying homage to and writing down some oft referred to theoretical by-laws.
  2. It really is an attempt to outline the game's organizational style, rules of play, code of conduct, beverage policies, and whatever other random crap we makeup. Read it, live it, love it. Don't complain about it!

Section I - Organization

Part A - Organizers: The people of the club and the roles they play in order to make it happen are:

Part B - Yearly: The organizers work with the rink to obtain weekly ice slots year round. Periodically organizers will send email noting the start of a new season. These emails will note duration, number of games, and cost. Existing players are expected to respond with their upcoming status as "full-time" or "sub". If more full-time players are needed or more subs are needed, this notification will state such. This is how/when/why existing players will invite new players.

Part B, Clause 1 - Player Status:

  1. Full-time: A player responding that they wish to be "full-time" for the upcoming season is agreeing to pay for the total amount of games with no expected refund for any games missed. A full-time player is thus guaranteed a weekly spot, presuming they indicate such on the weekly request. The full-time cost per game is about $3 or $4 cheaper than sub/pay-as-you-go costs.
  2. Sub: A player responding that they wish to be a "sub" for the upcoming season is agreeing to be given an opportunity to play any given week, with no expectation of any amount of games guaranteed. A "sub" player understands they will be pinged to play when the organizer did not receive enough full-time positive responses and then only pays the agreed upon fee for the games played.
  3. Other: The organizer will use his discretion with individual players requesting a different status than that listed above. If a player wants a full-time, half-season status, then they will need to work it out with an organizer.

Part C - Weekly: The weekly game is setup by the same yearly organizers. An organizer will send weekly emails on Mon. or Tues. asking who is showing up that Thurs. as well as looking for beverage volunteers if needed. The organizers will arrange for at least 2 goalies, a reasonable amount of skaters from the full-time response or sub list if need be, pucks, and enough post-game beverages to satisfy the post-game drinkers (See Post-Game Beverage Policy).

Part C, Clause 1 - Player Status:

  1. Full-time: If the organizer uses the website to send this weekly status email then any full-time player that isn't playing is expected to use the email/website links to set their status as soon as is possible. Otherwise, if a manual email is sent then a response is expected as soon as is possible. The FT weekly playing count must be established as early as possible in the week so that subs can be arranged if need be.
  2. Sub: Subs will receive an email at the organizers discretion so may not get email every week or even every time subs are needed.
  3. Other: If any player wishes to bring a non-statused/guest player then they must receive clearance from the organizer before-hand. No one should ever show up unplanned.
  4. Try-out: New players interested in playing with this club will be approved by the organizer to play a weekly game as a "try-out". This game allows the player to get a feel for the game itself and gives the player and the club an opportunity to get to know each other. If both parties agree the player will be invited as a full-time or sub player.

Part C, Clause 2 - Picking Teams:

  1. Teams chosen by using the website's team picker feature. The tool attempts to balance the teams ability-wise. It also provides some notification of whether to bring a dark or light jersey - though both are always encouraged.
    1. If certain players wish to play together, then they need to obtain permission from the organizer pre-game.
    2. BACKUP if site tool down: Teams chosen by throwing sticks in center ice with a player tossing sticks to both sides of the ice.
      1. Players must bring dark and light jersey and accept which ever team they end up on.

Part D - Self Risk:

The hockey club is self organized and managed. There is no sponsor, not even the rink. Players skate at their own risk and as such must bring whatever level of equipment they choose. Full hockey gear is recommended/expected. No insurance is provided and there is no affiliation with USA hockey or even the rink itself. While efforts are made to correct poor behavior things happen sometimes that can't be avoided. The player accepts full responsibility.

Section II - Rules Of Play

Part A - Actual Rules:
  1. Icings are not called.
  2. Offsides applies with full team touch-up.
  3. Only defensive zone hand-passes by defensive players are legal.
  4. High Sticks are illegal.
  5. Checking and boarding are illegal
  6. The puck may be played off the protective netting, ceiling, etc.
  7. No goalie interference
  8. When the goalie has the puck covered - play stops
  9. When a player is injured play stops

Part B - Code Of Conduct (Implied Rules):

  1. Pick-up style play expected.
    1. That's no check, friendly, but competitive as guys want to win.
    2. Most players generally won't just let another stand in the crease, skate right by them, walk-in untouched, etc.
    3. We try to keep it clean, but unclean stuff happens sometimes - usually to the better skaters/scorers.
    4. Hooking, tripping, holding, interference, slashing, pushing, shoving, and getting mad when this happens to you are discouraged, but are also recognized as "normal" in hockey, within reason.
    5. Blatant attempts to injure or "really" fight are not tolerated.
    6. Getting over it quickly and returning to play or withdrawing yourself from play if unable is expected.
    7. Players are expected to be thick skinned on, and especially, off the ice.
  2. Lopsided teams may be adjusted if needed during play (rarely needed) or the scores will be reset to 0s.
  3. Usually no refs and no face-offs. Once in a while we do. When no face-offs and there's a stoppage (goalie cover or injury):
    1. The offensive side is expected to transition to defense by retreating to about mid-ice and allow the other team to transition from defense to offense and even allow some of their zone for breakout (about half usually).
    2. The defense transitioning to offense in this scenario will give the other team time to transition as well.
    3. It's generally expected we'll allow each side to get ready, change lines, etc.
  4. Play will stop/not start when/until goalies are ready
  5. Let the goalies cover the puck - don't slash at their hands!
  6. If you accidentally offend someone (hook, trip, hit, knock down, etc.) check if they are OK and maybe apologize, try to keep it friendly, but expect play will continue as is. This apology is globally recognized by all players by the offending player yelling "Be More Like Joe" to the player he offended upon.
  7. Keep short shifts, change with your line.
  8. Keep the bitching to a reasonable level.
  9. It's a self correcting game. People will play against you the way you play against them.
  10. Understand there are various levels of skill, work with it, not against it.

Part C - Exceptions for Players Under 25 (aka #@CodyDraves Rules):

The Blues is typically a gentleman's game inferring that older men typically participate. Occasionally an exception is made to allow a younger player to join. Usually that player will be another player's son. When these kids are under the age of 25 they are much faster than the rest of us, thus we decided immediately after the infamous Cody Draves incident that not all of our rules will apply to these kids. The following should be expected by anyone playing Blues who is younger than 25 and either scores or assists a lot of goals.

Section III - Post-Game Beverage Policy

Part A - Consumption and Stock:
  1. When agreeing to full-time status playing hockey with the blues you are also agreeing to bring beer in accordance with this policy whether you drink it or not.
  2. Subs may also choose to pay their sub fee by agreeing to bring beer instead. Always check with organizers first. If don't check and you end up bringing beer that we don't need you will still be expected to pay the sub fee.
  3. Organizers will keep track and will call out those not complying.
  4. The post-game beverage is beer.
  5. The beer must be one of the following:
    1. Canadian brand always preferred (Labatte Blue or Molson Canadien)
    2. High quality other locals or imports accepted - Lagers preferred, but anything quality is fine.
    3. Basically do not bring cheap crap(ala Tecate), malts, or ices(ala Icehouse).
    4. Coors, Bud, Old Mud, and Miller-ish are generally frowned upon, but will be consumed if brought with the expected amount of badgering laid upon the bringer.
    5. Absolutely no light beer or Tecate brand.
  6. If bringing - must bring minimum of one case of beer - 24 cans
    1. The rink doesn't like bottles so be prepared to provide storage and disposal of bottles if brought.
  7. Bringer must have beer iced such that it is still well chilled for after game time consumption
  8. Don't bring beer and expect to leave early with it. If you must leave earlier than "the drinkers" you should go and the beer should stay.
    1. It's preferred the cooler be left behind and someone will make sure the bringer gets it back the following week
    2. If unable to leave the cooler it's expected a "last call" round will be offered by the bringer to both locker rooms
    3. God forbid, as a last resort dump it on the floor and take you're fucking cooler with you!

Part B - Beer Fines:

  1. Fines can be handed out by the organizer or simply by majority vote of players in the offenders locker room.
  2. Fines are always paid in non-voluntary assignment of beverage bringer next time you play.
  3. Fine amount is minimum one case of beer. Additional cases may be added to the fine if the organizer determines the offense to be egregious.
  4. Fines are handed out for breaking or ignoring the bylaws, rules, or expectations outlined in this document. Examples:
    1. A Beer fine is given if you respond positively to the weekly "inquiry of those playing this week" email and then do not show up with out suitable notification to organizer.
    2. A Beer fine is given if you respond negatively to the weekly "inquiry of those playing this week" email and then do show up with out suitable notification to organizer.
    3. A Beer fine is given if you sign up for beer bringer duty and then don't do so. Also breaking any of the beer policy rules listed above may be considered a non-bring situation, resulting in a beer fine for the following week.
    4. Beer fines may be handed out for other reasons not listed in this document. This doesn't happen often, but if it does, you will have surely deserved it.

Section IV - Personal Conduct

These rules are called out specifically outside of the code of conduct section above because they are important and breaking them will very likely result in you being banned either partially or forever. These are serious and the club has little toleration for those not adhering to these rules.

  1. Be respectful of the rink and it's employees.
    1. If you think you have a legitimate beef (hint: you very probably don't) please bring it to the attention of the organizers of the club and if they think it merits a discussion with the rink employees they will initiate it.
    2. The rink staff does us many favors (extra ice time, after game time, cookouts in parking lot, etc.) so don't piss them off or you'll just end up pissing everyone else off.
  2. Keep the bench areas as you found them.
    1. If you brought to it the bench take it back off the ice with you.
    2. If it's trash -throw it the fuck away - there's trash cans on each bench.
    4. If you ignore the above rule - see rule b above - throw the fucking can away - best to take it back to the locker room and throw it away.
  3. Keep the locker rooms as you found them.
    1. Don't damage anything on purpose.
    2. If you damage something by mistake let Blues management or the rink guy know.
    3. Don't break glass bottles in the trash can. Don't even put them in there because they will break - if you bring bottles put them in your cooler and take them home.
    4. Throw your god damn tape and beer cans away.
  4. Don't make a mess in the parking lot.
    1. Don't damage anything on purpose.
    2. Don't break glass bottles in the trash can. Don't even put them in there because they will break - if you bring bottles put them in your cooler and take them home.
    3. Throw your god damn tape and beer cans away.
    4. Don't dump shit out there - this includes ashes from the cook out.
    5. Dumping ice is OK as long as it is dumped in the grass - don't dump it where people walk.
    6. If you feel the need to relieve yourself do it on the grassy areas away from the rink and onlooker.
  5. Be aware of others at the facility.
    1. Often games before ours involve little kids in adjourning locker rooms and their parents in the lobby/parking lot.
    2. Keep cursing to a minimum and discussions appropriate for their ears.
    3. Keep beer hidden and out of sight.
  6. Generally don't be an ass.

Section V - Miscellaneous

Part A - Cook Outs:
  1. In the summer season there is usually a monthly cook out.
  2. Usually food and grill are brought by the organizer using funds from the subs.
  3. Please volunteer to bring food, tables, condiments, desserts, music, or to do the cooking.
  4. The more that contribute the better it is.
  5. Note we'll usually need a third case of beverages.
Part B - Charity Games:
  1. Often "The Blues" will be invited to play in charity games.
  2. Often not every player can be invited to play.
  3. The organizer will usually be presented the opportunity and based on the skill level of the other team will use his discretion in offering this to the current roster of players.
  4. Most people will get a chance to play, so if not selected this time, don't let it bother you, there be another time.
Part C - Payments:
  1. Online - The Roster page includes a Pay With Venmo. Clicking the button will attempt to display the Venmo website with our payment page loaded. If that doesn't work or you wish to use the app the Philadelphia Blues Hockey Club's Venmo username is @PhilaBluesClub.
  2. Cash - Cash is always welcome. We ask that you find and pay the treasurer, currently Mike Omara, and pay him. If Mike is not attending that night or is unavailable ask in each locker room who you can pay.
  3. All payments due are the responsility of the player. If you owe the club money you will have received notification of such via email and/or Blues News. It is your responsility to pay it in a timely fashion and per the policies laid out here.